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What Is An Azalea?

The azalea is a flowering bush plant with bright summery blooms. They are mostly native to the southeastern United States with 17 known species native to North America.

azalea bush

Azalea Plants

Azaleas are of the Rhododendron family and all native types are deciduous, meaning the blooms and leaves fall off in the fall. Rhododendrons are evergreen meaning they keep their leaves year round. Azaleas have vibrant, fragrant blooms ranging in color from whites to purples, reds, oranges and golds. The varieties that grow in the northern climates tend to be purples, mauve and pinks. The bushes can grow from 2 feet to 8 feet tall. These are very delicate flowering shrubs that require specific and thorough care.

Azaleas may be a high maintenance addition to your indoor or outdoor garden but when you see these beauties in bloom you can easily forgive them their fussiness.

How To Plant An Azalea?

Azaleas grow from seeds although most people start them from grafts or cuttings. This is typical since starting an azalea from seed takes a long time for it to mature enough for its first bloom. Depending on the variety, this can take anywhere from two to ten years!

Most people will buy a grown bush that is in bloom. Often people give potted azaleas as gifts which can continue to be grown indoors. These can also be transplanted outside after the blooms have fallen off. If you choose to keep it indoors you can have a long-lasting, beautiful flowering bush right in your home.

Where To Plant Azalea?

Azaleas can be grown both indoors and outdoors depending on the climate that you live in. Indoor azalea plants can live for a long time however outdoor azaleas will need to be replanted yearly as they do not thrive in freezing weather.